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Led light technology

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Who are we

We bring LED light technology into the crab fishing industry to improve your profit and make it more environmentally friendly. 

What we do

We provide rechargeable LED lights for professional crab fishermen.

These lights can replace traditional bait such as dead fish. Using the LED lights in combination with traditional bait, 77% more crabs are caught. 

Our led lights can easily be placed in any pot or trap and increase fishing efficiency. This way, we could establish a more sustainable and environmentally friendly fishing environment.

Product Features

LED light technology

We use 360° white LED light to attract crabs from all directions into the pot. White light has been proven to be the most attractive.

Easy to use

It only takes 5 seconds to place the light in the pot or trap. The light will turn on automatically under water. The light will shine for 56 hours.


No hassle of changing batteries. Recharge the light when the light is on the ship.

Product Features


Through research and testing we have come with an unbreakable LED suitable for fishing industry.


Our LED light is made in such a way that it can withstand 60 bar (600 metres deep).


To catch the same amount of crab, less gasoline and manpower is needed. This results in lower carbon dioxide emissions.

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Our team

Bas Bodénan

product developer

Bachelor in Product Development.
Master in Product Development.

Bavo Coeman

Business developer

Bachelor in International Entrepreneurship.
Master in IT & Management.
Master in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Thomas Vanagt


Thomas Vanagt holds a PhD in marine biology from Ghent University. He was the founder and CEO of eCOAST, a private marine biology research centre. eCOAST was acquired by Eurofins in 2018. Thomas is currently managing partner of ABSint, a company specialised in unlocking genetic resources, and he is also an angel investor.